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headhunt / переманить
These are women who have been schooled into passivity, so they're left with the fantasy of being discovered, of someone else stepping in to make their destiny - a man, a talent scout or a headhunter .
They have each spent many millions and many months scrabbling around with headhunters trying to find top talent - and all the while investors lost billions as share prices crashed.
The long-list of candidates who are agreed for the first round will be interviewed by the headhunters , and on the basis of those interviews we put forward a shortlist of candidates for consideration by the trustees.
It is satisfying to see that the Executive appears to have taken the hint on the appointment, though it still went through the process of hiring headhunters , no doubt because it is duty-bound to do so.
Such headhunters are finding more than 40% of non-executive directors for companies, meaning the traditional old boys' network is coming under pressure.