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headbanger / headbanger
имя существительное
a fan or performer of heavy metal music.
Too hard for popsters, too twisted for arena-rock headbangers and too subversive for all but the most open-minded listeners, they dealt with taboo subjects with a bizarre wit and hard-rocking drive.
Caustic yet cohesive, the band's old-school punk rock sound has evolved into a real headbanger 's ball.
The music was brilliant (even for an old headbanger like me!)
I put the radio on my favorite headbanger 's station, and put it on full blast.
he was either a business genius or a complete headbanger
Yet given the fact that this headbanger 's journey comes complete with a virtually non-stop metal soundtrack and is clearly a one-sided argument, it seems churlish to pretend that it was made for anyone but the die-hard metal brigade.
‘There will be something for the headbangers and something for those who like soulful music as well,’ says Sam.
For an audience filled with professional headbangers , waiting to get their rock and rolls off with their favorite brand of brazen electrical cacophony, this is a risk of monumental proportions.
How they are so popular with the headbangers is beyond me.
And, of course, there'll be the now famous and much awaited rock show for the city's legions of headbangers .
But using lightweight digital equipment, the filmmakers roved around the Calgary area (with Lawrence and Spence in character) and captured scenes of interaction with actual headbangers .