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headband / заставка, повязка на голове, лента на голову
имя существительное
headband, headpiece, miniature
повязка на голове
лента на голову
capital, fund, principal, headband
имя существительное
a band of fabric worn around the head as a decoration or to keep the hair or perspiration off the face.
Soak hair-care items like combs, barrettes, hair ties or bands, headbands , and brushes in rubbing alcohol or medicated shampoo for 1 hour.
an ornamental strip of colored silk fastened to the top of the spine of a book.
Or they will hook their finger on the headband of the book and drag it out.
It looked as if she had used it as a headband to keep her hair out of her face, and believe me, that was a job in itself.
When I was playing, I had my hair long, a headband round my temple and my socks rolled around my ankles.
Richie still wears the sunglasses, headband and long hair of a late-seventies tennis pro.
Unable to find a hat, he took three souvenir towels that had been passed out to fans and fashioned them into a headband and ear muffs for the return walk to his car.
Another trick she suggests is to wear a fabric headband while working out to hold loose pieces of your hair back. as well as soak up the sweat.
If you're not keen on winter hats, you can always buy a nice headband .
Or they will hook their finger on the headband of the book and drag it out.
It is especially useful if you are always in a hurry, because the headband ensures that none of your own hair is visible.
He stripped off his headband and ran a hand through his blonde hair.
Today, Kevin is wearing his robes: a long, flowing white tunic, a shawl and a headdress with a yellow headband .