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head-to-head / одновременно
имя прилагательное
involving two parties confronting each other.
a head-to-head battle with discounters
имя существительное
a conversation, confrontation, or contest between two parties.
Today's head-to-heads are truly mouth-watering, with champions in every quarter, just eight to emerge for Sunday.
It's head-to-head combat, and neither of you has any intentions of waving that white flag of surrender.
The Conservatives, however, convincingly beat them in head-to-head battles.
The setup is head-to-head knockouts until one boat is the champion.
head-to-head talks
Based on head-to-head play, Ile des Chenes had earned first place and a bye into the final.
Coria leads the head-to-head with Moya at 4-2, having won the last four matches.
Is it more of a head-to-head battle, or is there an obstacle course?
The candidate with the lowest number of votes will drop out, before another vote reduces the race down to a straight head-to-head .
Players go head-to-head attempting to build structures that are tall enough or extend far enough to throw a shadow over the flag first.
You know, unless you have a real contest, a head-to-head , there's nothing to report.