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head-on / головой, носом, передней частью
передней частью
имя прилагательное
frontal, head-on
frontal, head-on
имя прилагательное
with or involving the front of a vehicle.
a head-on collision
with or involving direct confrontation.
trying to avoid a head-on clash
It is virtually impossible to have a head-on collision on a motorway where all the traffic is going in the same direction.
A 50 year old man was admitted to hospital after a head-on motor vehicle accident in which he was a passenger in a wheelchair.
In the Commons the prime minister confronted critics head-on .
We shall attempt to face head-on the questions raised by the clash of values in Chapter 9.
Most of them are trying to avoid head-on confrontation with the government.
The time has come to confront your fears head-on and take a trip to the local hospital…
Within seconds both vehicles were in a head-on collision then a further two cars crashed into the first two.
A lorry involved in a head-on collision which killed a Tadcaster company boss skidded on to the offside of the road, an inquest heard.
The only way you get anywhere with a mad dog is to confront it head-on .
If you split Saint Andrew's cross down the middle, you have a symbol of two great systems, clashing head-on .