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head / глава, голова, руководитель
имя существительное
chapter, head, section, chief, leader, principal
head, brain, loaf, pate, noggin, jowl
head, leader, manager, director, supervisor, chief
chief, head, superior, supervisor, director, commander
head, knob, cap, capitulum, pommel
имя прилагательное
head, cephalic, leading, nose, cranial, advance
main, major, chief, principal, primary, head
senior, elder, older, head, major, superior
front, anterior, forward, head, fore, foremost
counter, head, meeting, foul
lead, head, chair, spearhead, forge, forge ahead
head, go, tend, make, strike, go for
держать курс
head, stand, cape
guide, head, direct, destine, route, refer
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, head
имя прилагательное
chief; principal.
the head waiter
имя существительное
the upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs.
Trying to determine the reason for the human logjam, I craned my neck trying to see over the heads of the rest of the parishioners.
a thing having the appearance of a head either in form or in relation to a whole, in particular.
the front, forward, or upper part or end of something, in particular.
the word that governs all the other words in a phrase in which it is used, having the same grammatical function as the whole phrase.
In many grammatical theories, the head of a phrase is defined as that constituent which determines the syntactic category of the phrase.
a person considered as a numerical unit.
they paid fifty dollars a head
be in the leading position on.
the Palm Sunday procession was headed by the crucifer
give a title or caption to.
an article headed “The Protection of Human Life.”
move in a specified direction.
he was heading for the exit
shoot or pass (the ball) with the head.
a corner kick that he headed into the net
lop off the upper part or branches of (a plant or tree).
The trunks of some trees have been headed which causes several branches to grow from just below the cut.
denoting the front, forward, or upper part or end of a specified thing.
in nouns used informally to express disparagement of a person.
in nouns used informally to denote an addict or habitual user of a specified drug.
he's the deputy head there
Pushing forth, he jabbed the head of the weapon into the greaves of the incoming phalanx.
For some time I tried to find an wise or witty one to insert at the head of my home page.
To the port side aft is the head and shower and a quarter berth cabin with large double berth.
The best entrance to the hotel ballroom, a double door at the head of a short flight of steps, was strictly forbidden.
Many pitched tents more than a fortnight ago to make sure they were at the head of the queue when the homes come on sale tomorrow morning.
The river head is the source not only of the property's water, but also of its joie de vivre.
At 115, at the head of the page, your Honours will see, at line 4, his Honour reads out the questions which had been written by the jury.
Miss Howitt broke away from a group of her friends when she saw Croft come to the head of the stairs.
Slosh Farm at Appleby is run by Robert Baxter and has 180 head of beef cattle and 150 head of sheep.