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hazy / туманный, мглистый, смутный
имя прилагательное
fog, foggy, misty, hazy, dim, nebulous
hazy, foggy, brumous
vague, dim, obscure, hazy, shadowy, bleary
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, hazy
подернутый дымкой
имя прилагательное
covered by a haze.
the sky was hazy from irrigation evaporation
The whole L.A. Basin was smoggy or hazy today, and my lungs hurt.
Everything became extremely hazy as tears clouded her vision.
Their memory of it is hazy to say the very least.
The sun's UV rays are as damaging to your skin on cloudy and hazy days as they are on sunny days.
I have a hazy memory of the movie.
By morning, the conversations of the night before are hazy memories.
The picture is also dark, hazy , dirty, murky, and marred by shimmering and flicker.
In a matter of seconds, what had seemed like a slightly hazy early afternoon now seemed overcast.
But will the two sides be able to stick to the hazy and vague terms of the agreement?
I have a hazy , indistinct memory of this morning.