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hazelnut / фундук, лесной орех, орех
имя существительное
hazelnut, filbert, cobnut
лесной орех
hazelnut, hazel, nit
nut, hazelnut
имя существительное
a round brown hard-shelled nut that is the edible fruit of the hazel.
There were almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts , pecans and Brazil nuts.
Her skin is a luminous hazelnut brown and has a leathery texture.
Thankfully for me I love cashews, hazelnuts , almonds and pistachios.
We gathered acorns and hazelnuts and beechnuts in the woods.
Sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts are rich sources of vitamin E.
In a small bowl, combine hazelnuts and brown sugar and set aside.
Prepare the hazelnuts by roasting in the oven until brown.
There didn't seem to be any good reason to use pistachio here; other nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts , would probably do.
The hazelnuts in their shells that appear from autumn through to winter make us appreciate that food in season is always best.
We plucked fresh figs, apples, plums and hazelnuts from trees heavy with crops.
When they're roasted, hazelnuts are the best nuts by far!