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hazel / орешник, лесной орех, обыкновенный орешник
имя существительное
hazel, nut, filbert, nutwood, nut-tree
лесной орех
hazelnut, hazel, nit
обыкновенный орешник
красновато-коричневый цвет
bronze, hazel, puce, russet
светло-коричневый цвет
butterscotch color, biscuit, cinnamon, hazel
имя прилагательное
brown, hazel
walnut, hazel
light-brown, whity-brown, biscuit, hazel
имя существительное
a temperate shrub or small tree with broad leaves, bearing prominent male catkins in spring and round hard-shelled edible nuts in autumn.
The marsh gave way gradually to dry land, and the reeds and willows to hazels and elders.
a reddish-brown or greenish-brown color, especially of someone's eyes.
He was the taller of them, with sharp blue eyes and hazel coloured hair.
The birds were singing and the hazel catkins were open.
His eyes were a deep kind of hazel brown, which made him look really handsome.
His eyes were a soft hazel , with heavy lids and dark circles beneath.
I had large eyes that most people described as cute; they were a murky hazel .
She had long luscious brown hair and hazel colored eyes.
The young boy's eyes were a golden hazel , like his father's.
After a year in a hospital, her eyes were still a green hazel , but they were dull, no longer bright.
The vast forested areas grew colossal numbers of trees such as hazel , oak, ash, beech, and many others.
The course is aimed at beginners, and will help them spot the difference between the hazel and the hawthorn, and the beech from a birch.
She always found it strange he has blue eyes and all the other men in his family have greenish hazel eyes.