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haze / дымка, туман, мгла
имя существительное
haze, smoke, mist, film, brume, a film of fog
fog, mist, haze, smoke, brume, toman
haze, mist, fog, brume
легкий туман
haze, mist, a film of fog
туман в голове
haze, becloud
mist, dim, fog, befog, shade, haze
cloud over, cloud up, gloom, haze
mist, dim, fog, haze
изнурять работой
имя существительное
a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles.
Through the slight early morning haze , I could make out taller buildings to the left.
a state of mental obscurity or confusion.
through an alcoholic haze
force (a new or potential recruit to the military, a college fraternity, etc.) to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks.
rookies were mercilessly hazed
drive (cattle) in a specified direction while on horseback.
He had little trouble hazing his quarry back.
In winter high levels of haze are common.
He felt disconnected from his body, soaring into a haze of delirium.
The many fine haze layers extend several hundred kilometers above the surface.
Tired commuters pass you in a haze , or daze.
the gathering haze of cigarette smoke
The rest of the evening passed away in a haze of confusion.
A haze clouded her mind; she was sinking into deep water.
Inside, smoke wafted from cheap candles, polluting the room with a slight grey haze .
Through the slight early morning haze , I could make out taller buildings to the left.
I can see nothing but people through the ribbony haze of rising cigarette smoke.