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hazard / опасность, риск, шанс
имя существительное
danger, hazard, peril, menace, jeopardy, gravity
risk, hazard, chance, peril, adventure, jeopardy
chance, break, potluck, hazard, look-in
hindrance, noise, obstacle, impediment, nuisance, hazard
азартная игра
gambling, gamble, game of chance, gaming, play, hazard
risk, take risks, venture, gamble, jeopardize, hazard
ставить на карту
stake, venture, hazard, pyramid
presume, hazard, adventure
dare, risk, adventure, hazard
имя существительное
a danger or risk.
the hazards of smoking
chance; probability.
And although he tries to concoct it, there is scant sense of hazard .
a gambling game using two dice, in which the chances are complicated by arbitrary rules.
The Game of Hazard may be played by any Number of Persons.
venture to say (something).
he hazarded a guess
put (something) at risk of being lost.
the cargo business is too risky to hazard money on
And who will hazard a guess as to what the Ireland of 2020 will be like?
The solution is to sometimes remind golfers that sand bunkers are a hazard .
No respectable economist would hazard growth projections for any longer time frame than a decade.
Another hazard is tending to accident victims or to people who need medical assistance.
After assessing each hazard, you develop one or more controls to either eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk of a mishap.
You hazard your good name and very nearly ruin the reputation of others.
a fire hazard
It is almost impossible to hazard a guess as to what will happen.
There are no guarantees, except to say that the hazard or risk can be reduced if conservation practices are properly applied.
In these poems, nothing is left to hazard or given for mere poetic effect.