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haywire / расстроенный, не в себе, непрочный
имя прилагательное
upset, haywire, unnerved, disconcerted, distempered, aggrieved
не в себе
insecure, groggy, flimsy, haywire, frail, fugitive
наскоро сколоченный
excited, agitated, thrilled, moved, nervous, haywire
имя существительное
вязальная проволока
имя прилагательное
erratic; out of control.
her imagination had gone haywire
I maintained a good front but my internal monologue was going haywire .
Harassed operators patiently listen to complaints about cancelled reservations or travel plans gone haywire .
He constantly reminds us that when we fail to sleep well, every aspect of our life goes haywire .
There is too much hurry and worry in the lives of parents, and they don't have the energy left to cope when things go a little haywire .
It's a story about the effects of a stroke; a story of words going haywire .
You've allowed crime to go haywire and there's no accountability.
Heavy rain and winds in Sydney saw the airport go haywire .
With my senses haywire and out of control I had no way of detecting real danger.
I felt my self control go haywire and my hand began to twitch uncontrollably.
If you lose sight of your goals and objectives, everything goes haywire .