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hayseed / деревенщина, семена трав, сенная труха
имя существительное
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, hayseed
семена трав
сенная труха
имя существительное
grass seed obtained from hay.
I had hayseed in my hair, and I think Rock had a little in his hair, too.
a person from the country, especially a simple, unsophisticated one.
This confederation of hayseeds took control of North Dakota after World War I.
The movie opens with childhood friends Rafe and Danny pretending to be pilots, to the dismay of Danny's hayseed father.
On the surface, this is the story of a charming hayseed President who goes with his gut feeling.
No matter how good he is at playing a hayseed , he should start getting a little nervous about being typecast.
She lays on the hayseed vernacular awfully thick, both in her dialogue and her narration.
Mary's father was a violent hayseed .
He managed to raise my ire by repeatedly referring to the Tennessean as some sort of shoeless hayseed .
Just because he made his millions hunting for Texas crude hardly means he's a hayseed .
By the final issue I liked it, but the first issue was really hayseed and really backwards.
I generally loathe modern country, which is simply bland pop-oriented music with a hayseed singing.
They're just as cute as the others, but in a hayseed way.