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haymaker / косарь, косец, рабочий на сенокосе
имя существительное
mower, chopper, haymaker, shearer, scytheman
mower, cropper, haymaker
рабочий на сенокосе
сеноуборочная машина
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, haymaker
имя существительное
a person who is involved in making hay, especially one who tosses and spreads it to dry after mowing.
Nowhere have so many muscular and healthy bodies been put on display, so many entwined haymakers and tractor drivers, workers and peasants, strong men and women.
a forceful blow.
he caught him on the side of the head with a stinging haymaker
He threw a monster left jab, which I deflected, then I countered with my hardest haymaker to his face.
He was caught by a haymaker as he leaned back on the ropes.
he caught him on the side of the head with a stinging haymaker
Rob brought his arm back, and delivered a powerful haymaker to the guy's gut, knocking him down.
Georgie gets a haymaker to the jaw for his insight.
Paul dived in with a haymaker of a punch, missed, and ended up on the floor.
He can lay a haymaker on a punk that will send him sailing through the air for almost half of a city block.
In the West, the jab and the haymaker are the most common striking assaults in self-defense situations.
The Duke regained his senses just in time to see another haymaker about to be launched in his direction.
The large reverberation that can be heard when a haymaker lands can make you recoil in pain.