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hayloft / сеновал
имя существительное
hayloft, loft, mow, haymow, shed
имя существительное
a loft over a stable or barn used for storing hay or straw.
The farm's organic alfalfa is stored in the hayloft above.
The figure quietly moved Barranca's bridle and saddle to the hayloft where it would remain hidden until a thorough search was made of the barn.
He crouches at the edge of the hayloft and stands up, looking around for fresh straw to take down to his horse.
I discovered the owls by accident one day, when I climbed into the hayloft of my grandfather's old barn to play on the bales.
It contains seven bays for hay and grain storage, a threshing floor, two stables and a hayloft .
It is built into an incline with a large entrance to the hayloft on an upper level and the entrances to the stables on the opposite lower level.
He stole the book out of the library and secretly read it in the hayloft above a nearby barn.
I'd jump headlong from the hayloft into piles of straw, never stopping to consider how deep the straw was.
Three women escaped from prison and sought to hide in the hayloft of a local farmer's barn.
He was climbing down the ladder from the hayloft .
With a start, he realized that he was still in the hayloft , and the sun was well up.