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hawthorn / боярышник
имя существительное
hawthorn, haw, whitethorn
имя существительное
a thorny shrub or tree of the rose family, with white, pink, or red blossoms and small dark red fruits (haws). Native to north temperate regions, it is commonly used for hedges.
There are silver birch trees, hawthorn , field maple and guelder rose at the woodland edge.
The creamy white hawthorn blossom puts on a spectacular show.
The course is aimed at beginners, and will help them spot the difference between the hazel and the hawthorn , and the beech from a birch.
The path is lined by hedgerows of hawthorn and ivy and trees form a natural canopy.
The most magnificent sight I've seen recently was a hawthorn tree that was a mass of bright red fruits.
Hardy fuchsias also make attractive hedges either as a single species or mixed with other hedging plants, such as hawthorn and beech.
The reserve is comprised of two hay meadows enclosed by tall hedges of hazel, hawthorn , Guelder rose and dogwood.
The numerous literary references to the hawthorn or May tree attest its many associations.
Clinical studies show that the leaves, flowers and fruit of the hawthorn tree contain substances which act as antioxidants.
The wood of the hawthorn is one of our finest hardwoods, and mantelpieces and furniture made from it are very beautiful and durable.
Plant berry-bearing plants in your garden, such as hawthorn , rowan, holly, cotoneaster and berberis.