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hawker / разносчик, лоточник, уличный торговец
имя существительное
peddler, pedlar, hawker, vender, packman, pedler
уличный торговец
pitchman, hawker, pitcher, barrow boy, cadger, faker
охотник с соколом
имя существительное
a person who travels around selling goods, typically advertising them by shouting.
Hawkers came to sell their wares in small row boats near the cruise boats.
a falconer.
Mehmood, their father, is a hawker selling odd food items.
To meet the family's financial needs, his 19 year-old son quit school and now works as a hawker selling vegetables.
The law forbids it, but these street hawkers slaughter animals and sell the meat to the poor.
Street corners are dotted with hawkers selling their pies hot from portable ovens.
Tickets were sold in advance for $45, but street hawkers were selling them for about $200.
The crowd swelled as the day progressed, to the great pleasure of hawkers selling eatables and tea.
One day soon hawkers will be selling miniature plastic replicas outside.
At the resorts, hawkers sell designer replicas and reproductions to a ready eastern European market, as well as the growing number of Germans and British visitors.
A wide range of commodities ranging from fruits to light bulbs are sold by enterprising hawkers .
At night, it turns into a massive open air cafe area, with dozens of food hawkers selling a variety of food, from the traditional to the modern.