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hawk / ястреб, сокол, хищник
имя существительное
hawk, war hawk, accipiter
falcon, hawk, mortarboard, accipiter
predator, vulture, wolf, hawk, harpy, kite
хищная птица
bird of prey, vermin, hawk
сторонник жесткого курса
hawk, hard-liner
имя прилагательное
hawkish, hawk, vulturine, accipitral, accipitrine
налетать как ястреб
охотиться с соколом
охотиться с ястребом
expectorate, hawk
expectorate, hawk, cough up, cough out
имя существительное
a diurnal bird of prey with broad rounded wings and a long tail, typically taking prey by surprise with a short chase.
Bird watchers will be treated to the sight of caracara hawks , Florida sandhill cranes, and numerous other species.
a person who advocates an aggressive or warlike policy, especially in foreign affairs.
Americans may indeed be well served externally at this dangerous juncture by the unsentimental foreign policy hawks that tend to predominate in the Republican Party.
a plasterer's square board with a handle underneath for carrying plaster or mortar.
Load some stucco on a hawk and then onto your trowel.
(of a person) hunt game with a trained hawk.
he spent the afternoon hawking
(of a bird or dragonfly) hunt on the wing for food.
swifts hawked low over the water
carry around and offer (goods) for sale, typically advertising them by shouting.
street traders were hawking costume jewelry
clear the throat noisily.
he hawked and spat into the flames
Fishing bats are large, yellow-orange, and rather pungent creatures that can hawk large flying insects or snag small ocean fish from the surf.
Children hawk small items and souvenirs, sometimes working for the vendors who have stalls in Sangha near the guesthouse.
She liked to shop, casually wandering throughout the market, occasionally listening to the white clad merchants hawk their wares.
A favorite hunting hawk of the emperors flew into the camp of Guru Hargobind who was also hunting.
When I tipped my head back, I saw the hawk buckle its wings and plummet behind the trees.
Load some stucco on a hawk and then onto your trowel.
Unable in a state election to run as a foreign policy hawk , she did the next best thing by choosing a Republican admiral as her running mate.
To her surprise, an enormous hawk was perched on the branch of the cherry blossom tree.
This conference exists so they can hawk their wares to an audience of government officials, in this case mostly mayors.
Moisten your plywood hawk and load it up with mortar. Hold the hawk against the wall and use a long, thin trowel to pack mortar into joints.