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havoc / опустошение, разрушение
имя существительное
devastation, havoc, desolation, depletion, ravage, depredation
destruction, disruption, breakdown, demolition, collapse, havoc
devastate, ravage, waste, decimate, desolate, havoc
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, havoc
имя существительное
widespread destruction.
the hurricane ripped through Florida, causing havoc
lay waste to; devastate.
The lack of participants is associated to a large storm that havocked Latvia in January 2005 and uprooted and destroyed large forest areas.
Later came laws limiting working hours, forbidding child labour and other abuses, to curb the widespread social havoc .
We need to help consumers leap-frog the illegal downloading issues that have wreaked havoc on the music industry.
Drought is wreaking havoc in the Thanjavur belt of Tamil Nadu.
With that, the fight broke loose, along with pure havoc and destruction.
Her family work as daily labourers and a day off can wreak havoc for the family's economy.
Sutton's police chief has pledged to make the borough the safest in London by waging war on career criminals and drug traders wreaking havoc in our communities.
But the group insists that the size of the development is too large for the conservation area and would bring traffic havoc to already congested lanes.
This division was also the site for catamaran carnage with the wind wreaking havoc in the 12-boat fleet.
Yesterday afternoon's heavy downpour and hail here caused havoc and widespread powercuts across the province.
He said a gang of about 30 teenagers have been causing havoc for the past six months.