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haver / глупый разговор, бессмыслица
имя существительное
глупый разговор
nonsense, drivel, abracadabra, haver, Jabberwocks, Jabberwocky
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, haver
говорить глупости
talk nonsense, haver, bleat, yammer
talk foolishly; babble.
Tom havered on
имя существительное
foolish talk; nonsense.
And then they're off again, blabbing, sniping, yakking, havering .
I've havered for a bit before publishing another draft of my 10 favourite films.
The women did a lot of talking and havering about ribbons while the guys bought the flowers and got out there selling.
Yet others havered indecisively over both the principle and the practicality of the thing.
Anyone that day who foresaw Istabraq becoming a superstar would have been havering .
Yet it is the wavering and havering that is most expensive: a report by the National Audit Office in 2000 revealed that delays and price rises in the 25 most important defence contracts of the previous year had cost the taxpayer £2.7bn.
Premier Guy Mollet, in the center of it all, havered uncomfortably. Once again irresolution was at the helm in France.
A group of friends are havering politely in what looks like a social situation.
The reason the richest nations on earth have havered for so long about admitting Turkey to their club is all about - you know - "values".