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haven / убежище, гавань, приют
имя существительное
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, retreat
harbor, haven, port, harbour
shelter, haven, home, asylum, hospice, accommodation
refuge, resort, sanctuary, haven, asylum, harbor
ставить судно в гавань
имя существительное
a place of safety or refuge.
a haven for wildlife
a haven for wildlife
a haven for wildlife
Dozens of abandoned and neglected dogs and cats are to find shelter in a new haven , thanks to a community's generosity.
Timber was brought downriver to the haven . Ships were built in the shipyards there, and timber was also sent on to Numenor.
Zambia and Zambians have the potential to make the country not only a haven of peace but also a land of plenty.
I can see a lot more vessels taking advantage of this natural boat haven over the winter.
The refuge provides a haven for people fleeing violent or abusive relationships.
France's reputation as a cheaper alternative to Spain is decreasing, as some buyers desert Spanish resorts in favour of France's rural farmland havens .
Workshops will be held to explore how graveyards can be turned into wildlife havens .
Instead of driving money out of the stock market, the resulting financial insecurities promise to keep money in that might otherwise gravitate toward safer havens .