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haunting / навязчивый, преследующий, западающий в память
имя прилагательное
intrusive, obsessive, obtrusive, haunting, officious, fixed
haunting, pursuing
западающий в память
имя существительное
спиритический сеанс
seance, haunting
имя прилагательное
poignant and evocative; difficult to ignore or forget.
the melodies were elaborate and of haunting beauty
(of a ghost) manifest itself at (a place) regularly.
a gray lady who haunts the chapel
From afar, there lies great beauty, but closer, beauty is made out of haunting dreams and realities.
This haunting song was a brilliant musical evocation of the social devastation of the Thatcher years.
Dancers and pipers, resplendent in their magnificent uniforms and kilts, and the haunting sounds of bagpipes set a distinctive background for a memorable day out in the open.
In the distance a horn blew a haunting melody of darkness.
The haunting atmosphere of the old wartime camp at Spring Hill near Broadway has inspired a dark tale of murder and mystery.
The fast footwork, rhythmic clapping and haunting singing radiate an atmosphere of passion and raw emotion.
The beauty of the graphics and the haunting music score cemented Homeworld as one of my all-time favourite games.
‘This was about 16 years ago, but I still remember its haunting beauty,’ he says.
He later held a questionnaire in the Old Pit Head Baths and Seamus says you could hear the haunting sounds of another time echoing back to him.
The Fifth Symphony is one of a series of works of a beauty of which evokes the haunting adagios of Mahler.