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haunt / преследовать, часто посещать, являться
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, hunt
часто посещать
frequent, haunt, go into, habituate, resort, repair
appear, come, arise, report, occur, haunt
appear, show up, emerge, turn up, show, haunt
dwell, inhabit, live, haunt, hang out
имя существительное
den, stash, shebang, haunt, dive, joint
любимое место
часто посещаемое место
haunt, resort, stamping-ground
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, haunt
lair, couch, haunt
имя прилагательное
часто посещаемое
имя существительное
a place frequented by a specified person or group of people.
I revisited my old haunts
(of a ghost) manifest itself at (a place) regularly.
a gray lady who haunts the chapel
This is a favourite haunt of buskers and artists, hanging out amid the theatres and restaurants in a manner reminiscent of Paris.
This divide between race and class politics continues to haunt local and national efforts to build a progressive coalition.
And though these words may belong to the big screen, they will haunt us whenever we recall the poignant scenes from the moving film.
Sometimes Phyconos would wonder if the spirits of the plague victims still haunt the town in which the vampires lived.
The ICC need to move beyond being ‘gutless wonders’ on this issue, otherwise the issue will fester and continue to haunt the game.
From morning to evening, people haunt the sabhas in search for the perfect voice - and the crunchiest vadai.
It even seems to be straying into lurid, B-movie territory as we enter an all too familiar asylum where the patients haunt the corridors, drugged or demented.
the bar was a favourite haunt of artists of the time
One issue that could continue to haunt the government is the downgrading of cannabis to a class-C drug.
The clue to that, I think, is your two sons being about the same age as this young man - just as when I first had a baby, pictures of starving children could haunt me for days in a way they never had before.