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haunch / бедро, ляжка, задняя нога
имя существительное
hip, thigh, femur, haunch, ham, reed
haunch, ham
задняя нога
hind leg, haunch
задняя часть
back end, hindquarters, tail, bottom, hind quarter, haunch
полудужье арки
имя существительное
a buttock and thigh considered together, in a human or animal.
They were built like cattle, with thick necks and big haunches .
the side of an arch, between the crown and the pier.
Lighting also differs between the spaces, from diffused light in the narrow galleries to reflected light onto the concrete haunches of the wider galleries.
I re-boiled water to make our morning's broth, and cut slabs of the smoked deer haunch , and brought out eggs, and we ate of this as the darkness began to fall.
The girder trusses running in the north-south direction were designed as continuous trusses and had haunch ends at the column lines.
The next morning the untouched haunch of venison is on the breakfast table, now cooked to Paivikki's satisfaction, but cold.
Beyond this, Aertsen skillfully foreshortened objects never before honored with such attention: sausages, fish, a skinned ox head, a recumbent haunch .
Another starter of pan-fried haunch of venison had enough well - hung pink meat to constitute a main course.
I wasn't listening however, being too absorbed in my main order, haunch of venison, fondant potato, wild mushrooms, garlic puy lentils and pancetta.
To follow, my fiancée selected the pan-fried haunch of venison with red cabbage.
A mail order box of a Swiss-cut haunch , roe loin steaks and diced meat is under an introductory offer until 30 October of £39.
How do you cut up and wrap a haunch of venison without water?
After that came the famous Valenti pork shank, an imposing haunch of meat, braised in whole flagons of wine, supported by garden vegetables and a mound of polenta.