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haulier / откатчик, фирма грузовых перевозок, фирма-транспортировщик грузов
имя существительное
hauler, haulier, mucker
фирма грузовых перевозок
hauler, haulier
фирма-транспортировщик грузов
hauler, haulier
a major haulier between Europe and Asia
He says hauliers often help fellow truckers, and he agreed when the load appeared to have proper documents.
Furious road hauliers insisted yesterday that Transport Minister Seamus Brennan was repeatedly misinformed by state agencies on a decision not to increase the height of the Dublin Port Tunnel.
The fuel was then transported by tanker to hauliers and petrol stations and sold to the public at the higher price, the fraudsters pocketing the difference.
Apart from the company's workforce the announcement will also affect the 3,800 beet producers in Ireland and the hundreds of hauliers involved in transporting beet to the factories.
The company also stressed the decision to close the depot should have no financial implications on its business as it was always forced to operate its freight services at a loss in order to compete with road hauliers .
I support the campaign for lower fuel duty as much as the hauliers and the private motorist.
Angry road hauliers are piling heavy pressure on transport chiefs to speed up road improvements on the A12 and M25.
Road hauliers and private motorists have been hard hit by petrol and diesel price increases in March with the Irish Road Haulage Association predicting increased costs will drive companies to the wall.
As in the rest of the Continent, the protests are in response to continually rising fuel prices that are ruining small hauliers and farmers, and imposing hardship on ordinary motorists.