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haulage / перевозка, откатка, буксировка
имя существительное
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, haulage
haulage, hauling, haul
towing, tow, towage, haulage
traction, draft, pull, rod, thirst, haulage
haulage, haul
имя существительное
the commercial transport of goods.
road haulage
These calculations suggest that over 1.53 million ton miles of freight haulage took place on the Chester sub-region's roads in 1827-28.
The transport strike involved around 10,000 workers at 70 bus and road haulage companies and 12 freight terminals.
The road haulage industry faces a far-reaching overhaul as new European legislation signals a drive back to the classroom.
Following a number of similar accidents the Health and Safety Executive has issued guidelines concerning transporters to the road haulage industry, although safety rails remain non-compulsory.
Asthmatics may breathe easier, but the rules could choke many in Japan's haulage and construction sectors, which employ over 10 per cent of the workforce.
Also in sectors such as road haulage , some companies have clearly been badly hit but others have gained.
road haulage
Hauliers could still raise the issue at a forum on road haulage run by the Department of Public Enterprise, he said.
Gardaí described Judge as a businessman involved in trucking and international haulage , who may have come in contact with cigarette and alcohol smugglers, although he has no convictions for this either.
The protesters are a mixture of farmers, hauliers and road haulage contractors.