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haul / буксировать, тащить, тянуть
tow, haul, drag, tug, trail
drag, pull, haul, lug, tug, trail
pull, stretch, drag, draw, extend, haul
carry, transport, ferry, haul, convey, tote
имя существительное
catch, haul, take, taking, draught
trophy, prize, haul, spoil
sample, selection, excerpt, access, haul, picking
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, haul
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, haul
имя существительное
a quantity of something that was stolen or is possessed illegally.
they escaped with a haul of antiques
a distance to be traversed.
the thirty-mile haul to Tallahassee
(of a person) pull or drag with effort or force.
he hauled his bike out of the shed
(of a vehicle) pull (an attached trailer or load) behind it.
the train was hauling a cargo of liquid chemicals
(especially of a sailing ship) make an abrupt change of course.
The waters of the Nile slipped beneath the hull and the boat hauled for the western shore.
I haul coal, silica, gravel, grain - anything that will go into a dump.
These big, burly men can then haul inconsiderate Singaporeans off the train.
Tomorrow I have to help the attorney's assistant haul all the files back in and make sure as many books and tchotchkes as we can remember are back in their proper places.
England rugby legend Jason Leonard is set to extend his international career for one match only - without adding to his world record haul of 114 caps, writes Scott Amos.
Tiger Woods, only the second player to win all four majors more than once, paid a glowing tribute to Jack Nicklaus whose record haul of 18 is clearly his sights.
The numbers are then passed on to transport officials who haul the offenders in for ‘consultation’.
The first buffet area is a fisherman's haul of shrimp, sushi, sashimi and fish-egg rolls prepared fresh on the other side of the counter and laid in individual wicker baskets.
One record-breaking day in 1864 saw the company haul three tons of silver bullion from the mines of Virginia City, Nevada alone.
Armed robbers escaped with a haul of cash after threatening the owner of a Bradford newsagent's at gunpoint.
The call came last summer, and he was using the truck to haul stuff for the yard.