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hateful / ненавистный, отвратительный, злобный
имя прилагательное
hated, hateful, odious, abhorrent, accursed, accurst
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, hateful
vicious, malicious, spiteful, malevolent, catty, hateful
полный ненависти
ghoulish, repulsive, hateful
имя прилагательное
arousing, deserving of, or filled with hatred.
hateful letters of abuse that had come unsigned
The hateful dress was mocking me. Therefore, the last thing I ever did in that house was to fling that wretched dress into the cleansing fire.
He did not want to see her in all her arrogant joy, and all her hateful apathetic moments.
Terror seeped through him as he met her pain filled, hateful gaze.
She was no longer a hateful mess of classroom errors.
How could you even contemplate publishing an image so blatantly hateful to women.
He is half-Indian and a hateful , evil criminal who steals and murders without a thought.
Even more startling was the cynical, even hateful , tone of many of the letters.
Were these attendees fostered by their educators to be intolerant, hateful , and rude?
Write a really hateful , nasty letter to your family, telling them all your resentments and rages.
If the reader is intolerant, hateful , or oppressive, so will be the interpretation of the text.