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hatchery / инкубаторий, садок, инкубаторная станция
имя существительное
cage, pond, fishpond, hatchery, corf, nursery
инкубаторная станция
имя существительное
a place where the hatching of fish or poultry eggs is artificially controlled for commercial purposes.
The proposal to build big semi-submersible ships that would act as massive floating hatcheries and be used to restock the oceans with fish has been presented to the Spanish Government.
With a vigorous re-stocking programme from their hatchery at Kinnaber, Johnstons can take credit for the prolific runs enjoyed by netsmen and rod fishermen.
a fish hatchery
a hatchery where we buy day-old chicks
Most Japanese oysters are maricultured, which means they are actually born in a hatchery where egg and sperm are artificially combined.
The hatchery has been involved in rearing the fish after adult salmon were trapped at Killington and the eggs retrieved.
Brown says that, in the coming fall, a commercial hatchery with the capability of annually raising two million fish is preparing to open in Spaniard's Bay.
After the tiny oysters have grown to a certain size, they are ready to be removed from the hatchery .
The majority of this year's returning salmon are not wild fish - they were raised in hatcheries .
Phalacrocoracids may pose an economic threat to fish farms or hatcheries .
Efforts to increase salmon populations involved eliminating natural predators, developing hatcheries , planting fertilized salmon eggs in river beds, and raising salmon in ponds.