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hat / шляпа, шапка, слой породы над жилой
имя существительное
hat, napper, lid, muff, dupe, pigeon
cap, hat, header, banner, bonnet, helmet
слой породы над жилой
верхний слой
skim, hat
надевать шляпу
hat, bonnet
имя существительное
a shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.
We walk away from the smattering of polo insiders wearing baseball caps and woolly hats , watching a practice game.
wearing her scientific hat, she is director of a pharmacology research group
a woolly hat
wearing her scientific hat she is director of a pharmacology research group
We've all seen Beckham with his tea cosy version of the woolly hat and Victoria in her baseball cap.
Miss Sobania said on this occasion he wore a woolly hat instead of a helmet because it was cold.
a black straw hat
The man was wearing a long black raincoat and a hat and his face was hidden as he struggled with the dog.
In contrast to many of the self portraits, it shows him dressed informally, tieless, hatless and with his shirt sleeves rolled up.
He was hatless with his hair slicked back and parted down the middle.
From his humble origins to the height of power, Merten was a man of many hats for all seasons- Financier, Adventurer, War Hero.