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hasty / поспешный, торопливый, скоропалительный
имя прилагательное
hasty, hurried, snap, rash, precipitate, facile
hurried, hasty, harum-scarum, double-quick
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, hasty
testy, irascible, violent, fiery, wildcat, hasty
имя прилагательное
done or acting with excessive speed or urgency; hurried.
a hasty attempt to defuse the situation
It looked like I had made a hasty and unthinking attempt to hide the fact.
When Bill grabbed a large broom to fend off the one-metre long reptile, it reared up, sparking a hasty retreat from Bill.
Last week, there were encouraging signs that the BBC would not be making any hasty decisions.
I felt my heart begin to pound a bit faster, and took a hasty drink from my water glass to dispel my anxiety.
With these words he kissed the hand he still held and made a hasty departure.
Passion marks all what you do this week: there are chances of your falling in love at first sight or getting into a hasty marriage.
A self-confessed soft spot for wine and women reputedly put a hasty end to his vocation, but he is still an ardent Christian.
The decision was not made in a hasty manner.
Why has the Government taken such a hasty decision to restore the old order?
This aspect causes you to make hasty , sometimes regrettable decisions.