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hasten / спешить, ускорять, торопиться
haste, hasten, push on, be in a hurry, speed, hie
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, precipitate
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, be in a hurry
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, push
be quick to do something.
he hastened to refute the assertion
Perhaps if the politicians talked about race as if it was already an irrelevance it would hasten the day when it is.
But what do their faces tell us, as they hasten to their posts?
The report says that in all likelihood it would hasten the imposition of congestion charges or tolling on the M50 to control demand on the motorway.
Projected fuel cost increases and savings from water conservation will probably hasten the break-even point.
They noted that many people believe that to talk about death or engage in advance care planning might hasten one's death.
a move that could hasten peace talks
There is nothing more to say about this damnable road; it is best to hasten along it if one must, and to turn off it as soon as one may.
Experts explained that overcrowded high-rises and overusage of underground space hasten the speed of subsidence.
As Angus Calder has suggested, ‘the effect of the war was not to sweep society on to a new course, but to hasten its progress along the old grooves.’
This, I hasten to add, is not to cast any aspersion over the good intentions of either company, rather, it reflects what tends to happen generally in a market concentrated on a small number of suppliers.