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haste / спешка, поспешность, торопливость
имя существительное
rush, hurry, haste, time pressure, skiffle, drive
haste, hurry, hastiness, prematureness, posthaste, expedition
haste, hurry, hastiness
rashness, imprudence, temerity, haste, precipitancy, precipitance
haste, hasten, push on, be in a hurry, speed, hie
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, be in a hurry
rush, hurry, hasten, hurry up, haste, push
имя существительное
excessive speed or urgency of movement or action; hurry.
working with feverish haste
She commanded, and everyone ducked their heads in haste , not wanting to be seen.
It is also evident that the resident has been in haste , with random things lying about.
One person who was in haste , trying to get out of that bus, twisted his ankle.
He spun around to spot her making her way over to him; it appeared he had sped past her in his haste to get to the entrance.
Passion defines your relationships: you either fall for someone at first sight or marry in haste .
She packed her bag with as much haste as she could muster and promptly threw it over her shoulder.
Unfortunately, in haste , mom used the diesel pump instead of unleaded.
The most recent action to evacuate was not taken in haste , he declares, and denounces those who say it was.
The writing on the wall was clear - never act in haste to repent at leisure.
Just over 2 years ago, local government legislation was passed under urgency and in haste .