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hasp / засов, застежка, накладка
имя существительное
bolt, bar, hasp, fast
clasp, fastener, snap, hasp, morse
patch, strap, onlay, hasp, switch
bobbin, spool, reel, quill, pirn, hasp
constipation, lock, latch, hasp, fastener, fastening
lock, shut, lock up, pawl, latch, hasp
накладывать засов
имя существительное
a slotted hinged metal plate that forms part of a fastening for a door or lid and is fitted over a metal loop and secured by a pin or padlock.
Unfortunately, most sheds are inherently weak and it isn't always appropriate to fit heavy-duty padlocks, hasps , and staples as the door may not be strong enough to support them.
lock (a door, window, or lid) by securing the hasp over the loop of the fastening.
I hasped the window; I tried to close his eyes - to extinguish, if possible, that frightful, life-like gaze of exultation, before any one else beheld it.
The suspect is believed to have gained entry via the rear garden, by removing a clasp and hasp from the garage door.
With a great flourish and lots of pride in their faces they removed the lock from the hasp and slowly opened the old box.
When selecting your hasp and staple consider, desired level of security, level of corrosion resistance required as well as size requirements.
the hut was always locked by a large padlock securing a hasp
Anyway, this afternoon we spent an inordinately long time fixing a hasp and padlock to the garage.
The entrance to the basement proper is protected by a sturdy oak panelled door with flaking maroon paint, two Yale locks and a hasp and staple secured with a heavy duty padlock.
Smaller trunk locks have a spring-loaded latch, so when the trunk isn't locked the top half stays up out of the way. It has a hasp for a padlock, if you choose to use one.
He then slipped out of the cabin, and hasped the door on the outside, in spite of Clarice's shrill and scathing disapproval.
On the suitcases, next to the shiny steel hasps , tiny numbers are set on metal wheels.
The only door in the room was an ancient thick oak monstrosity with a rusty wrought iron latch, matching hasps and a key stuck in the lock.