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harvest / урожай, сбор, жатва
имя существительное
harvest, crop, yield, plant, gather
collection, assembly, collecting, gathering, fee, harvest
harvest, reaping, crop, harvest time
fruit, harvest, fruitage, product, garden stuff, green-stuff
праздник урожая
harvest, Lammas, harvest home, kirn
собирать урожай
harvest, crop
press, reap, harvest, cut, pinch, mow
убирать урожай
harvest, cut
pay off, settle, pony up, disburse, stump up, harvest
пожинать плоды
reap, harvest
имя прилагательное
связанный с урожаем
имя существительное
the process or period of gathering in crops.
helping with the harvest
gather (a crop) as a harvest.
after harvesting, most of the crop is stored in large buildings
They reaped a rich harvest in the middle third during the first half, but their opponents had the cushion of Gooch's moment of magic.
a limited harvest of wild mink
Curiosity about fundamental biological mechanisms has yielded a rich harvest of useful knowledge.
a limited harvest of wild mink
The maize fields were also expected to produce a good harvest , with enough maize for feed and export.
The government estimates the new harvest will yield about 600000 tons of staple grains this year.
In a wild population, this theory implies that the remaining animals after a harvest will increase their reproductive rate to compensate.
Its less fertile fields hadn't produced much of a harvest , and they had been lucky surviving the winter intact.
in terms of science, Apollo yielded a meager harvest
Weeks of hot weather had produced a good harvest , but many watermills were becalmed by drought, so flour remained scarce.