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harmonize / гармонизировать, согласовывать, гармонировать
coordinate, harmonize, reconcile, accord, accommodate, dovetail
blend, harmonize, consort, tune, accord, tone
приводить в соответствие
harmonize, conform, tune, key
add notes to (a melody) to produce harmony.
At the next lesson Milhaud essentially approved the work after a few comments and suggestions, then requested that Trimble harmonize the melody for the next lesson.
The singers simply could not sing, much less harmonize , and not once on the entire record did the drummer manage to bang a drum on beat.
plans to harmonize the railways of Europe
steeply pitched roofs which harmonize with the form of the main roof
Make sure they grow shorter than the anchor plant, share its cultural requirements, and harmonize with its colors and textures.
Again, a fresh coat of paint, and new drawer pulls, can transform it, and you can paint it to harmonize with the wall color and with the new sofa bed.
On this front-hall staircase, wood posts topped with graceful finials were painted black to harmonize with the metal railings and ironwork on the home's front exterior.
They will teach aspiring entertainers how to sing, harmonize and to work with other people toward putting on a concert in a single day.
So I stepped back from it and thought, how would someone like Stravinsky harmonize this?
The face or figure is enlarged or reduced to scale and the color is adjusted to harmonize with the tones of the painting.
Participants also discussed global issues such as revising the Patent Cooperation Treaty to simplify patent application procedures, as well as ways to harmonize the different patent systems.