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harmonious / гармоничный, слаженный, дружный
имя прилагательное
harmonious, harmonic, balanced, tuneful, consonant, concordant
amicable, united, harmonious
harmonious, euphonious, euphonic, sweet, euphonical, euphonized
harmonious, congruous, keyed, congruent
имя прилагательное
tuneful; not discordant.
harmonious music
Our being begins reverberating to the music of the infinite as we tune-in to its harmonious rhythm; its unalloyed notes manifest the message that is meant for us.
Now everything fell into place and conveyed a beautiful idea in the harmonious blend of warm and cool colours chosen by the artists.
Beginning in early childhood, girls are socialized to maintain harmonious relationships by negotiating conflict.
Jen is an essential element of Confucianism and represents an ideal state in which an individual maintains harmonious social relationships with his fellow men.
I feel that any information we can share will be very useful to the both of us, and I look forward to a harmonious relationship between us.
Within the meditative tradition, cheerfulness is considered to be the natural, harmonious and wholesome expression of our truest self.
Festival organizers aimed for a harmonious parade of different masquerades, the order of which was controlled by officials urging groups forward and holding them back.
Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a harmonious relationship on both sides.
These construction s of the south as freer and more harmonious would have been particularly attractive to Signac and his Neo-Impressionist colleagues.
It was the sort of tune that was difficult not to take to, and it strolled through my imagination, its harmonious music leaving footprints as it ambled along.