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harm / вред, ущерб, зло
имя существительное
harm, damage, detriment, injury, hurt, mischief
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, loss
evil, harm, wrong, mischief, ill, vice
hurt, offense, insult, grievance, wrong, harm
harm, interfere, affect, wrong, blast, make mischief
наносить ущерб
prejudice, damage, harm, affect, impair, aggrieve
причинять вред
harm, hurt, do harm, prejudice, damnify, shipwreck
имя существительное
physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted.
it's fine as long as no one is inflicting harm on anyone else
physically injure.
the villains didn't harm him
there's no harm in asking her
Mrs Thelwell secured retrospective planning permission to put up a new staircase and partition wall at Sundial House as councillors accepted the work had not resulted in any material harm .
They are not usually considered to be an important part of the vehicle. However these bumpers somehow decrease harm and damage done to your car during any accidents.
The circumstances, the spokesman said, were that they had shown their ability to inflict harm and murder people.
We accept that freedom of expression has the potential to cause harm to others.
I just wish it wasn't at the hands of the patrols and mercenaries who were determined that I not do anyone any physical harm .
No deaths or permanent harm resulted, but the nurses conclude that nearly 40% of the cases could have been fatal.
Earplugs and other anti-radiation products may protect you from potential harm .
the villains didn't harm him
Britain cannot continue indefinitely to spend more than she is earning without higher taxes or higher interest rates - either of which will harm our economic prospects.