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hare / заяц, русак, кролик
имя существительное
hare, rabbit, gatecrasher, puss, coney
rabbit, bunny, hare, coney, cony, lapin
бежать как заяц
мчаться как заяц
имя существительное
a fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having long hind legs and occurring typically in grassland or open woodland.
European game animals include various deer, wild boar, hare , and rabbit.
run with great speed.
he hared off between the trees
When Franklin decides on an objective, he pursues it with the mad resolve of a greyhound chasing a mechanical hare .
And let's face it, you don't hear people at the greyhound track complaining that the hare 's not real, do you?
Other causes of damage in young trees can be grazing by animals such as hare and rabbits and trespass by cattle or sheep.
The Legend of the Mick the Miller is both touching and funny, yet Michael Tanner's tale of the greatest greyhound ever to chase a mechanical hare is ultimately flawed.
They are, essentially, a covered bike rack for dogs, designed to line them up and point them unarguably in the same direction ready for the key moment when the hare goes by.
The programme did, however, contain something rare and more thought-provoking - a clip from a greyhound race in which a dog caught the hare .
European game animals include various deer, wild boar, hare , and rabbit.
Mutu leaves Toure for dead, hares down the left wing and shoots from a narrow angle.
Kryszalowicz hares down the left wing and the ball is cleared by Frechaut for a throw.
Henry hares through the centre and is brought down outside the penalty area by Dede, who sees yellow.