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hardship / лишения, трудность, лишение
имя существительное
privation, hardship, destitution, asperity
difficulty, hardship, intractability, severeness
deprivation, privation, hardship, destitution, divestment, divestiture
need, want, distress, poverty, necessity, hardship
тяжелое испытание
ordeal, hardship
имя существительное
severe suffering or privation.
intolerable levels of hardship
It cannot be confined to those who suffered financial hardship due to lack of income.
Even as a child, he walked barefoot on the path full of thorns of hardship and austerity.
In some parts of the world, corruption and poverty condemn untold millions to a life of misery and hardship .
No, but the union can support its members if they suffer financial hardship .
They have suffered unimaginable hardship and danger in a bid to find a safe haven.
intolerable levels of hardship
If this guy stays there will be some kind of suffering and if he goes, that hardship will be twofold.
For a man who has suffered genuine hardship , our reaction over the past week must seem almost obscene.
In Scotland and beyond football is suffering financial hardship at the moment.
All that pain and hardship , and still the college rowing team lost every single race for the rest of the year.