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hardly / вряд ли, чуть, едва
вряд ли
hardly, unlikely, scarcely, scarce
slightly, hardly, narrowly, lightly, low
barely, hardly, scarcely, just, slightly, faintly
едва ли
hardly, scarcely, unlikely, scarce, ill, illy
с трудом
hardly, hard, scarcely, heavily, ill, scarce
scarcely (used to qualify a statement by saying that it is true to an insignificant degree).
the little house in which he lived was hardly bigger than a hut
the rule worked hardly
Still, at 58 degrees, that was hardly bath water lapping onto the sand near SeaWalk Pavilion.
That hardly qualifies as an irrational act of an immoderate president.
True, he was hardly put under pressure at the back but at least he busied himself around the field and was a particular threat up front.
If Judas were among the saved, these statements could hardly be true.
His mother, Francis Fiddler, was so stunned by the news last night that she could hardly believe it was true.
He had hardly sat down and received his fork before starting to wolf down her home-cooked meal.
How on earth can someone who can hardly stand up straight be expected to work out how drunk they are and then decide how to get themselves home on the basis of that?
the little house in which he lived was hardly bigger than a hut
I mean, a person can hardly sit down today without a movie or without music or something going on.
That was, in many ways true, but it hardly justifies colonization.