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harden / затвердеть, затвердевать, твердеть
harden, solidify, set, freeze, bind, fasten
harden, solidify, set, consolidate, fix, concrete
freeze, congeal, solidify, set, harden, jell
strengthen, consolidate, harden, firm
make or become hard or harder.
wait for the glue to harden
Jeff Leighton, FBU Executive Council member for the Yorkshire region, said there was no doubt attitudes had continued to harden since the strike began.
Tung oil will harden , not stay soft and oily as the typical oil finish you mention.
An instant later her eyes seemed to harden and become as hard and cold as the rock whose color they took.
Retail values should continue to harden as rents increase.
Record low yields are being set this year, and yields will harden further for the foreseeable future.
Thermoplastics, which soften when heated and harden when cooled, run the gamut from commodity to engineering plastics.
If the weather warms up the pitch will harden and produce variable bounce,’ says Charles Downes.
Goldman Sachs believes oil prices are continuing to harden and that buying at $55 per barrel forward offers huge potential gains to investors.
He looks as if he wants to speak, but then his eyes harden as she remains impassive.
Don't bother trying to resist Jim Garrahy's Fudge Kitchen, where the fudge is made in front of you, spread out on a huge marble slab and left to harden before being passed around for sampling.