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hardcover / книга в твердой обложке, книга в жестком переплете
имя существительное
книга в твердой обложке
hardcover, hardback
книга в жестком переплете
hardback, hardcover
имя существительное
a hardcover book.
Hey, six books - including one hardcover - for $70?
имя прилагательное
(of a book) bound between rigid boards covered in cloth, paper, leather, or film.
hardcover and paperback editions
The interviewer, Bob Wayne, tries to kill some time in conversation with Scott Nyback; during which we learn that there's going to be a new hardcover edition of V for Vendetta published in September.
The momentum continues even today: HarperBusiness, its publisher, is putting out a new hardcover edition in January 2005.
Having done a very brief stint in publishing post-college, I'm flabbergasted by the initial hardcover print run, which is set at 1 million copies.
Francine went to backhand him across the face, but Keiran held up his book and she wacked her hand across the hardcover .
The title says it all for the hardcover debut from the author of the best-selling paperback original Married Men.
I did get a very cheap hardcover of one of the few Stephen King books I don't own, though (The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon).
A hardcover anthology released in the last month lists Bob Kane as the artist on stories that no one disputes are primarily or wholly the work for Sheldon Moldoff.
Chen Lung-bin chips away at the faded pages of discarded books such as the bulky Manhattan telephone directory, trashy hardcover novels and glossy magazines to form life-size three-dimensional human figures.
‘The King’ is a wonderful book; when it comes out in paperback (or in a lower-priced hardcover edition) grab a copy as fast as you can!
Librarians have not stopped purchasing the hardcover edition in order to purchase the audiocassette tape.