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hardball / бейсбол, бескомпромиссность, жесткая линия
имя существительное
baseball, ball, hardball
жесткая линия
имя существительное
baseball, especially as contrasted with softball.
Eyewear is required in softball and hardball , singles and doubles.
The Sox knew they had the Cardinals on the mat and they knew that no team in hardball history ever came back from a 3-0 World Series deficit
Still, the White Sox were a delight, baseball players playing country hardball .
Known to many as ‘Wrigleyville,’ the north side neighborhood serves as Chicago's sports Mecca, where the Cubs play hardball in the Friendly Confines.
But these guys do play a splendid game of hardball , we must allow.
The photos depict women participating in every sport from ping-pong to pole-vaulting, from hunting to hardball .
If you read some of the dozens of spring previews, you'll read that your local hardball team had perhaps the worst offseason in all of baseball.
The event grew from there, as of course did the international game, which had pretty much displaced hardball as the game of choice in this country by the mid-1990's.
I thought we were playing hardball ,’ Ruth drawls and Faulkner frowns, appearing to be gravely insulted.
In fact, he's so pleased with his game that he's planning to join an amateur hardball league next season - just to get a little taste of his old major-league dream.
the leadership played hardball to win the vote