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hard-wired / жесткий проводной
имя прилагательное
involving or achieved by permanently connected circuits.
Is this website designed for some sort of male hard-wired brain phenomenon?
Fantz deduced that human babies are hard-wired to recognize visual stimuli that are important for survival and later development.
He survives only through primitive, hard-wired instinct: He doesn't want to die alone.
Most of the farmers I know are farmers because they have to be - they're hard-wired to it.
He says people may be outnumbered by bacteria, but people are hard-wired to win.
His little hard-wired rat brain was not up to this.
He dismissed claims from ServGate that NetScreen's hardware lacks flexibility, pointing out that its appliances feature programmable RISC processors as well as hard-wired ASICs.
And Dr Lamont's work is amongst the growing body of research that suggests that musicality is somehow hard-wired into our brain at birth.
Furthermore, it appears that these senses do not merely supply information, but also elicit hard-wired reflex responses without going through the brain at all.
The confluence of the convention, various interest groups and the debut of the hard-wired interconnect in Philadelphia has led to an unexpected amount of political advertising for Comcast over the past few months.