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hard-shell / с твердой скорлупой, не поддающийся уговорам, непоколебимый
имя прилагательное
с твердой скорлупой
не поддающийся уговорам
unshakable, steadfast, immovable, unshakeable, unswerving, hard-shell
persistent, resistant, stable, steadfast, enduring, hard-shell
имя прилагательное
having a hard shell or outer casing.
hard-shell helmets
rigid or uncompromising, especially in fundamentalist religious belief.
I am a hard-shell Baptist
Chalayan's women's bodies in their hard-shell protection, armoured for flight, also seem isolated in their concentration.
Henderson said he was convinced that Fhima - who was found not guilty by three Scottish judges at a special court in the Netherlands last year - carried a brown hard-shell suitcase from his Malta apartment to the island's airport.
Fuelled by a bucketful of Bacardi Breezers and in anticipation of a dance with a hard-shell soft-hearted Vinny lookalike, the girls and their handbags head for the floor.
Next, he would eat two or three dozen Lynnhavens, the largest of oysters, and a dozen hard-shell crabs, claws and all.
The focus here is not the city hard-shell shock of such as of Larry Clark's Kids, who inhabit the same realm.
Indeed, many ‘soft’ cases can be locked with a simple padlock but don't offer the kind of protection a hard-shell case or box can deliver.
If Maryland wants to prove prognosticators wrong and make a run at another title, the Terrapins must forget their success and reaffirm their hard-shell attitude.
Giaka, who Henderson contends was badly treated by the court, said Fhimah was carrying a brown, hard-shell suitcase.
To my knowledge, there is not a single player on any of the major U.S. tours who uses a hard-shell case.
The smooth, hard-shell exterior makes a great billboard for sponsors' stickers.