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hard-pressed / в затруднении
имя прилагательное
в затруднении
hard-pressed, hard-pushed
имя прилагательное
closely pursued.
the hard-pressed French infantry
burdened with urgent business.
training centers are hard-pressed and insufficient in numbers
Ethics committees act as a gatekeeper for broader social and political ideas or prejudices, and are yet another hurdle for hard-pressed scientists to overcome before they can even start upon their investigations.
These are valuable strategies that can rarely be exploited in a busy surgery or on a hard-pressed understaffed ward but form the basis of care within multidisciplinary pain management clinics.
In the end, the $7 trillion fund industry, with all its legendary clout, will be hard-pressed to blunt reforms.
Yet, it was clearly established that even a modest weight reduction and improved weight control could bring health benefits, and relieve the burden on hard-pressed health systems.
One of the common complaints of patients at hard-pressed GP practices is the difficulty in getting an appointment, particularly at short notice.
Infantry battalions would fall from 40 to 36 but with manpower redistributed to boost the hard-pressed Army logisticians, engineers, signallers and intelligence.
If rural communities are indeed to do that, it will be good news for Scotland's most hard-pressed areas, well worth the difficulty of prising rolling acres of hill and moor away from the landowners.
It worked well, and I can recommend it to any hard-pressed exec who needs to take control of a busy schedule.
Still, when times get tough, hard-pressed companies don't stop to worry about the collective good.
In particular it illustrates how wide the gap is between the sonorous resolutions of the Security Council and the situations that hard-pressed humanitarian workers and others often have to deal with in the field.