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hard-nosed / трезвый, практичный, твердый
имя прилагательное
sober, realistic, teetotal, abstinent, realist, hard-nosed
practical, pragmatic, usable, shrewd, businesslike, hard-nosed
solid, hard, firm, strong, steadfast, hard-nosed
имя прилагательное
realistic and determined; tough-minded.
the hard-nosed, tough approach
Although a hard-nosed pragmatist, Waugh was hurt that his batting was not given due credit.
Far from seeming hard-nosed and realistic, they suddenly appear beside the point, if not immoral.
It's not all bad news for the former Chorlton convent girl, whose hard-nosed approach to her job earned a lot of admirers.
He is a hard-nosed businessman ready for any challenge.
Yet, putting sentiment aside, land management has to be considered as a hard-nosed business.
It is this sheep-like loyalty that has turned many a hard-nosed businessman into a servile crony.
However it seems increasingly clear that it has been well out of its depth in the hard-nosed world of big business that the health service has now become.
Hence the need for real realism, for a view more clear-eyed and hard-nosed than we've had before.
Corporates are shedding their earlier aloof attitude and taking a more hard-nosed approach.
He left that image to dwell on and returned to it after the hard-nosed business audit was over and after he had walloped Hague and the shadow cabinet.