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hard-hitting / нелицеприятный
имя прилагательное
uncompromisingly direct and honest, especially in revealing unpalatable facts.
some of this season's more hard-hitting episodes deal with urban violence
(of an athlete or athletes) aggressive and physical.
the game's grunting, hard-hitting defense
He was a courageous and hard-hitting batsman, a brilliant fielder at cover point, and an inspirational captain.
I just really want to teach the kids about the old-time hockey, the hard-hitting , tough and sometimes grinding hockey.
However, even though the hard-hitting report was very critical of AIB management, no senior manager was sacked.
The usually hard-hitting critics of the ABC in some media outlets seem to have ignored this story completely.
A city segregated on racial lines, riven by racism, poverty and prejudice is revealed in a hard-hitting report looking at Bradford.
In other words they wish to feed their own egos, impressing their public with their concept of direct hard-hitting so-called truths.
The campaign, backed by Swindon Council and the police, has seen hard-hitting posters go up in car parks across town.
Watson, who is a hard-hitting batsman and bowls fast medium, returns to the county while Warne is on Test duty for The Ashes.
Duncombe Park's hard-hitting batsman Peter Kent fell just short of a century when he was out for 96 at Driffield.
Its offensive firepower is impressive, and its defense should be quick to the ball and hard-hitting .