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hard-headed / расчетливый, практичный, искушенный
имя прилагательное
calculating, prudent, tactical, forehanded, provident, hard-headed
practical, pragmatic, usable, shrewd, businesslike, hard-headed
tempted, worldly, hard-boiled, hard-headed, worldly-wise
sober, realistic, teetotal, abstinent, realist, hard-headed
stubborn, obstinate, opinionated, headstrong, dogged, hard-headed
имя прилагательное
practical and realistic; not sentimental.
as experienced and hardheaded a bunch of legislators as has ever entered Congress
I don't think many people are aware quite how much theatre design is a hard-headed practical matter.
While many people might imagine the writer's life is one of poetry and romance, Ms Traviss took a very practical and hard-headed approach to the project.
Even the most hard-headed realist must shudder at the thought of a world without music.
Too hard-headed a businessman to buy into the whole Field of Dreams scenario, he is nevertheless driven by a vision which he knows is shared by many people.
It radiates hard-headed realism, icy egoism and unsentimental calculation.
Their ambition to succeed seems to be matched only by their hard-headed realism about selling and how to do it.
The cult of hard-headed routine and practicality, as expressed here, was often just another form of romanticism, and by no means always the most effective.
She's just a hard-headed , practical girl, sharp enough to see how much trouble she's in, but not sharp enough to do a whole lot about it.
But then they also know that I'm in favor of it for hard-headed , realistic reasons.
For hard-headed realism, the international is a domain of power, mistrust and recurrence of conflict.